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Taiwan 2016 Day 3 & 4 : Taipei 101 -> Wu Fen Pu -> Rao He Night Market-> Yong He Dou Jiang -> Mitsui Outlet Park -> Taiwan Expo Park ->Shilin Night Market

Day 3 :

Pass by 天后宫 (Tian Hou Gong) temple everyday and we decided to go in to pray today.

Yong he for breakfast. But went to the wrong one! 
I can't believe I make this kinda of mistake... Haha! I'm still thinking did they change their signboard to a more young and fun signboard. I was wrong! Totally wrong! 

The food variety is so limited and food is not nice at all! Even their soya bean milk ( dou jiang ) is not nice!

After a not so satisfy breakfast, head to Taipei 101. It's their first time here so how can I not bring them there to have a look at the world famous building right? I remember the first time I came here, there is no train that stops right at the 101, we have to walk from quite a far distance from the city hall station! It's so convenient now.

Saw a fountain outside and the staff told us that there will be a fountain show starting in 5 mins time so we decided to wait and watch.

Welfie while waiting for the show to start!

Show start!

The show last about 15 mins if I'm not wrong.

Lunch at ding tai Feng. My very first time having ding tai Feng in taiwan! Heard from many people that the ding Tai Feng in taiwan is nicer so it's a must to try. Everytime when I wanna try but looking at the queue just turns me off. 
This time round my mum really wanna try so we decided to queue for 1 hr for it! Took our queue number and went to walk around the mall.

Most of the shops here are high end to luxury label, so we only do window shopping to kill time.

Tax refund counter next to the customer service counter. Didn't buy anything so no need queue for it.

Finally it's our turn! 
It's a very big restaurant and with quite a few empty tables, but not sure why is the waiting time so long. 

This is how a Taiwanese ba zhang looks like! 

As usual Ding Tai Fung got very nice food but for what I think no matter be it Taiwan or Singapore, they still taste as good so I will not queue here again next time. I can always eat it in Singapore and the queue is so much shorter.
Cute beer carrier! 

Next we head off to Wu Fen Pu for some shopping. It started to drizzle a bit so my mum and aunt went in to the convenience store to buy a poncho each. 

Most of the shop here are still selling wither winter or spring wear which we can't even wear in Singapore. So basically we didn't manage to get a lot of clothes this time round.

Doggie went shopping too!

After some shopping, we walk about 8 mins  from Wu Fen Pu to the Rao He Night market

We walk pass this long colourful walk way which is set up by the temple we are heading to, located next to the night market.

Because it's Chinese New Year so they are having some events and also giving out something.
Look at the queue! I guess not only Singaporean like to queue right?

Brought them to pray at one of the famous Ci You Temple in Taipei.

Everytime I come here, definitely need to grab a cup of pearl milk tea from Cha Fan! The drink stall is just in between the temple and 7-11. They offer warm pearl milk tea too! Yummmmmy! Love their pearl milk tea! 

Brought them to the famous Rao He night market to do more shopping and also hunt for our dinner.

Long queue for my favourite black pepper bun so shall give it a skip!

Many food stall here too! What shall we have for dinner?

Before dinner, let's have some fried soft shells crab to snack first!

Had  ( Jin Lin brothers ) pork rib herbal soup for dinner!

Along with ( ru rou fan ),

And prawn omelette,

And lastly, stinky tofu! Haha! My recommendation to them! At first they wasn't very keen to try but i keep insisting them to try till they finally give in. After they ate it, they actually thought that is wasn't as bad as they initially thought. Personally I quite like the stinky tofu because it taste quite good even though it doesn't smell good. But I have to say the stinky tofu smell better then the almond powder! OMG I totally hate the almond powder smell!

Back to Xi Men Ding. Went to collect my shoe that I ordered the day before because they run out of stock for my size. I love to buy shoe that is made in Taiwan because it is so comfortable! I will always buy 1 or 2 pairs when I come to Taiwan and always make sure the pair that I bought is 'Made in Taiwan' ( the local call it MIT ), otherwise it's definitely not as comfortable. 

Day 4:

Woke up and it's breakfast time! Saw a super long queue at Xi Men Ding which is one whole round of a few building. Not sure what are they queuing for because I can't find the start and the end of the queue! Haha!

Breakfast at the REAL 永和豆浆 ( Yong He Dou Jiang ).

Very different from the one we went yesterday, this Yong He is so crowded! 

The soya milk,

饭团 ( onigiri ),

蛋饼 ( egg pancake ),

锅贴 ( pan fried dumpling ),

Another onigiri,

葱油饼 ( onion pancake ), the food here is really much much much nicer then the one we went wrongly yesterday!

Heading off to one of the outlet mall in Taipei. So far currently there is 2 outlet mall and both are quite new.
We took train from Xi Men Din to Taipei Main Station, walk to the bus terminal A, Exit Z3. From the terminal A, we took bus number 1210, using our easy card ( or you can buy the bus tickets on the bus).

No coffee fix today but at least I have my favorite milk tea fixed! 

Alight at Li Du bus stop which is just opposite the outlet mall.
And here we are at the Mitsui Outlet Park whichis just open not long ago.

Very big mall with a lot of brands here!

One of my main purpose here is for the Porter International! Everytime I come to Taiwan, I will get one of the porter bag. It's much cheaper here compare to Singapore and they will have more design too. 

There is outdoor area with more brands too! 

Manage to get myself a porter bag and a Coverse high cut sneakers ( yes.. only 2 items.. ) but only the porter bag is able to do tax refund. Tax refund can only do once per customer per day so the staff will remind us to finish shopping before doing tax refund.

Finish shopping and walk over to the bus stop outside the mall to take the same bus back to Taipei Main Station.

Wanted to reserve a table at the Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu for dinner but called 92 times and mission failed, nobody wanna pick up the phone! Will try again next time!

No able to have dinner at the Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu place so we decided to have something near the Taipei Main Station. We went into Wutu Akiba Mall and it's my first time here and the mall looks empty with not many shops here. Good thing that they have quite a few restaurant here and we choose to have Japanese food at this ( Ai Mian Wu ) which is located at level 3 of the mall.

Quite empty in the mall and even the restaurant.

We had fried mush potato,

Pork cutlet with soya raman,

Pork cutlet with Raman.

After dinner, I am bringing them to the famous Shilin night market, it's definitely a must to go for first timer. Ok... fine... I go every time whenever I go Taipei.

While in the train to shilin night market, and when the train was about to stop at the Yuan Shan station, a lot of people in the train start to 'wow' and when we look out the window, we saw that there is some chinese new year event at the Taipei Expo Park. Not within our planning but we decided to alight the train to go to the Expo Park to have a look. Haha! That's the benefit of free and easy trips.

It's the Taipei lantern festival 2016.

There is some old school guessing games there for people to participate too. 

Very Very crowded!

Because this year is the monkey year so the theme of the lantern festival will be the monkey god from 'journey to the west'.

Welfie with my mum and the monkeys.

That's our favorite lantern that we wish to bring home! Haha! Who doesn't like the God of Fortune right?

There is also lantern done by all level of school students! Very beautiful creative!

Taking picture with the journey of the west characters is not easy! So many people standing in front of the characters.

There is 3 version of Journey to the West lantern.

We finally found a chance to take picture with the monkey god without anybody beside or behind us!

Beautiful light (house? ball? hm... not sure what should i call this thing ) that look like the pumpkin carriage and make me feel like I'm Cinderella. This light (  thing ) was feature in a Taiwan drama too!  

Cute happy flower! Anyway, time to head to the Shilin night market which is just 1 station away. 

Alight at Jian Tan station, and exit 1 will lead to the Shilin night market.

This is the road that lead to the Shilin night market and also the cross junction where everybody can cross from all direction at the same time!

Many shops and food stall here to eat and shop! This 3 Caucasian guy look very curious on the Taiwan sausages! Haha! Too cute not to take a picture of them ( secretly )!

Its a Sunday so it is very crowded.

Welfie again while my aunt is shopping in one of the shop.

Yes! This is a bun that I must eat every time I come to Shilin night market!

The char siew bun is so soft and yummy! 

During the chinese new year, all the temple seems to be very crowded.

To end our trip at Shilin night market will be grabbing the black sugar ginger tea for friends and colleague. I don't like ginger but I will always buy sea bird nest for myself! The sea bird nest can be jelly when placed in the fridge and that's my favorite way of enjoying it.
P/S: look for Xie Li Mei ( the lady who got block by this group of people ), she is a friendly lady who is able to help you.
Check their FB out at 
Still crowded when we are leaving the night market.

Back to Xi Men Ding and got myself again a cup of CoCo's warm pearl milk tea!

Enjoying my pearl milk tea while resting and watching TV
Good night everyone!

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